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5 tips to prepare for an active day

I loved the idea of writing about such a positive aspect of life; we all want to enjoy a happy, motivated and active day. Most dream of waking up early and naturally have their feet glide off their beds, feeling confident to conquer the world and get  ready for a great day ahead.  Now that sounds amazing but how can you achieve this?

Life is full of stuff as people call it, like things we don’t want to think about… but mostly life is to be enjoyed. The first thing to think about is what do you enjoy doing, what makes you smile in your heart when you have achieved it? If you’re not sure and need to start noticing it, at least get started on these points to acquire a fulfilling and happy day.

How to prepare for an energised day:

  • Set your alarm clock for 20 minutes earlier than usual, use the time to meditate, you don’t need to use a specific type of meditation, it can be with music, sounds or just peace and quiet, choosing some positive words, or a sentence to focus on or just concentrate on your breathing, this is a nice app Relaxing Melodies. It might be difficult at the start, but give it about a week and you will really get to enjoy it. It’s also about giving you some time to collect yourself for a focused and pleasant day.
  • Keep hydrated and flush out toxins, by having a ½ to a whole lemon squeezed into a cup of warm water, drinking it through a straw so as not ruin your teeth and then drink another 1 to 2 cups of lukewarm water to get it through your system and refresh your body! Drink 1½ to 2 litres of fluid daily.
  • If it’s possible do your exercise in the morning before breakfast that’s when cortisol levels are usually the highest, so it will get used and not end up sticking around your waistline. Besides if exercise isn’t your passion then as Brian Tracy writes in his book Eat That Frog (it’s actually a good read) do it first and get it out of the way!
  • Breakfast is vital for sustained energy, mental clarity, and focus, skipping meals may work for some, but I somehow know many more people who are very irritable when they haven’t eaten breakfast… Make sure to have protein with breakfast, this is a lovely Chilli Fish recipe, really nice with quinoa or try the Breakfast Lecso and aim for 30g of protein per meal. This will help you forget about food for a few hours. These delicious Breakfast Muffins help to keep you satisfied for longer.
  • Try to get some sun, if you can do your exercise out in the open do it, or at least get outdoors for a minimum of 20 minutes, walk your dog, do some gardening or just sit outside, being surrounded by nature, and greenery is not only relaxing, but also provides you with fresh oxygenated air.


If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to give me a buzz, click to email

Have an energised week!


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