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Back Pain

Some people know; when there back starts to hurt it’s time for a break! We see that when life gets really hectic and we don’t have time to think of ourselves or we’re under considerable stress, be it mental, emotional, or physical. Our bodies tend to let us know in various ways like compromised immune health, poor digestion, and back pain, that we need to slow down, rethink our ways of doing things, and possibly hand some work over to others.

How does stress cause back pain? When we aren’t relaxed and are feeling anxious our brain sends out messages to protect ourselves which creates tension and other chemical reactions in the body that lead to muscle tension and spasms. When prolonged will be so sore and strained, resulting with symptoms like back, shoulder, and neck pain.

When we have back pain we need to notice where the pain is situated and try to relax and stretch that area because the way our body’s are reacting to the stress causes us subconsciously to tighten that area like holding our shoulders in a raised position which would shorten and tighten the muscles around the neck and shoulder area. Or even the way we breathe such as short , shallow breathes sends the air into the chest and diaphragm area causing the middle and upper back muscles to shorten and tighten resulting in pain in that area. When we’re overwhelmed we don’t concentrate on our posture how we sit, stand, walk, and sleep compromising a large group of muscles in the lower back region creating lower back pain.  

Some tips to heal ourselves efficiently from back pain?

  • Generally keeping an eye on our posture, taking care how we sit and stand, as I tell my children “Imagine a string being pulled through your entire spine, up through the centre of your head, stretching you up to the sky!” And taking full deep breaths, filling up our abdomen and watching it expand, then releasing and breathing out. It works really well to relieve back pain.
  • Consistently doing exercise like Pilates, Yoga, and swimming are all great ways to strengthen the body, and works as a natural painkiller by releasing certain hormones.
  • A warm bath before bed works on relieving aches and pains and relaxes the muscles to ease the pain, relax in the Unwind bath Foam for about 20 minutes. After the bath use the Magnesium Oil Good Night Spray.
  • For Specific painful areas it’s good to use the Atrogel Arnica Gel using it about 4 times a day, to cool and relieve pain.
  • Supporting ourselves with the right nutrition to keep us, energised, active and pain free. As I recommended in the previous blog post, proteins like fish, eggs, and poultry for energy, anti-inflammatory foods such as oily fish, olive oil, and walnuts  and anti-oxidants like strawberries, blueberries, and pecans. Try these Lovely Salmon Roses or Protein Oaties.

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, it’s importing to see your doctor and have it checked out as there are various reasons why one has back pain. If you’re looking to regain your health a nutritional therapist would support you in reaching your goals Contact me for further advise.


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