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We are hoping for the weather to warm up soon, as the months go by and the British Summer Time approaches. This is the best time of year to de-clutter, the hope for summer weather is nearing, the accumulation of clutter from being indoors for so long is filling up, and the shops are stocking spring/summer wear! Once the weather has changed all we want to do is spend precious family and friends’ times outdoors, and what better treat then knowing your homes are all clean and tidy allowing you for a peaceful summer.

Did you know that clutter is unhealthy? Having too much stuff lying around creates stress, as they say physical clutter creates emotional clutter. Although I sometimes think it works the other way around, it’s as though your holding onto something for fear that you might lose something or may need it one day… It steals your focus, limiting your concentration, and makes you feel distracted. Research has shown that clutter spikes the stress hormone called cortisol which provides the body with glucose to give an instant hit of energy to protect oneself in times of danger to ‘fight or flee’. But as we don’t need to run and the sugars are still released they tend to sit around our waistline stored as fat and prolonged release of cortisol causes problems with increased blood sugar levels too.

5 tips to de-clutter your home or office:

  • Each item that reaches you must have a place of honour; you should never have an item that doesn’t have a specific place to be kept.
  • If you haven’t made use of something in the last 12 months and don’t know why you’ll ever need it, dispose of it.
  • Keep a paper shredder near the place where you check your post, if you’re unlikely to need it, shred the paper instantly.
  • Always remember; when you hold something in your hand it needs to be either put away, binned, recycled, donated, or repaired, never leave things lying around.
  • Designate specific boxes in your home for charity, recycling, and repairing to be emptied by the end of each month.

Clutter has been linked to presenting bad eating habits whilst you make time to clear your clutter give yourself the time to clear bad eating habits too. Start by cooking some healthful delights try these Easy Chicken Skewers which is great eaten hot or cold. This heavenly delicious Blueberry Apple Crumble can be used as a breakfast alternative or desert.

Clearing clutter in your life is key to generating positive energy, inviting opportunity into your life. If you need help supporting you with your eating habits please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy de-cluttering!



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