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Detoxing after Holidays

It’s back to normal, we all like routine although we all love holidays, when we’re free and can do as we please and eat all those delicious foods. Well I’m not so sure everybody agrees on that, but at least it’s a fantasy! It can be difficult getting back into routine, once we’ve been off track. How can we detox the remnants of the holidays so we don’t feel bad about it?

The body has its own amazing detoxifying system, which works very well, but when we get older or we overload our bodies with toxins for various reasons, like not giving ourselves time to relax, over eating, unhealthy eating or anything which stresses us, it can have an adverse effect on our detoxing system. So how can we support ourselves to get back into a healthy routine and kick off the unwanted toxins?

  • Go to bed early! Decide on a bed time and stick to it (more on this another time.)
  • First thing in the morning, boil the kettle not for coffee… but a refreshing lemon drink. Squeeze half to a whole fresh lemon in a glass and fill the rest with warm water. Drink this through a straw as the lemon can eat away at the enamel of the teeth, which we don’t want and then have another glass of warm water. This is great to prepare your body to digest your food properly; it stimulates bile production, supporting the liver in detoxifying waste products through the colon, and very refreshing and energising too.
  • Drink, drink, and drink fluids, try to get 2 litres of fluid daily, herbal teas like green tea are good for stimulating the digestive system before meals, and peppermint is good on the digestive system after meals. Drinking water is the best and you can add some slices of fruit or vegetables to create your own flavouring, infusing it for a couple of hours or overnight.
  • It’s really important to eat healthy and get back into a pattern of eating the right foods, first clean your kitchen of all sweet and junky food and then a great way to give your body a rest is an Easy Breakfast Smoothie, check this one out. I don’t recommend using it more than twice daily. A light meal in the evening will also help you sleep better, so something like grilled haddock, baby potatoes, and steamed vegetables, or this lovely Mushroom Chicken Dinner over basmati rice, don’t starve yourself.
  • Doing some moderate exercise like swimming and walking, is really great to get your metabolism functioning optimally.
  • Body brushing from your toes up towards your heart and then up your arms and down towards your heart getting your skin slightly pink, is really good in the morning to rid your skin of toxins before your shower, then use the Seascape body scrub on your dry skin, to remove the toxins in the same direction before you shower it off and use regular shower gel and moisturiser afterwards.

Keep well!


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