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How to battle the flu

Before my grandfather - a very fit man - went in for open heart surgery, he spoke to my brother and said “this happens to the noblest families” I suppose you guessed right; I caught the flu! Well I have news for you it happens to the healthiest too, but there is a twist; how did I get through it? Could I get back on track sooner?

Supporting your immune system as described in my blog post ‘How to support your immune system during the winter months’ keeps you stronger not to catch every little bug flapping about. Obviously as the saying goes prevention is better than cure. Research has shown that supplementing on immune supporting nutrients definitely helps with that. I also found Echinacea worked really quickly for me to break into a sweat. Also worth pointing out, my sister who doesn’t go for food supplements in general, but over the counter drugs when she is run down ended up in bed for a week, as for me, I was knocked out for 2 days!

How does one get through the flu faster? Look after yourself don’t just cuddle up in self-pity and don’t worry you don’t need to work hard to battle the flu, your body does that for you and makes you feel weak, so that it can save the energy for the real fight. You need to sweat to get rid of the flu, so drink lots of fluids, water is great with some electrolytes as the body doesn’t only sweat the bad stuff out through the pores. Hot drinks like herbal teas, or just a slice of lemon in hot water, if you want some sweetener use Manuka Honey using at least 10+, chicken soup is great, don’t force yourself to eat; your body will let you know when you’re ready for that and make sure you go for immune supporting gentle foods when you’re hungry, get the proteins and vegetables in, I went for soft boiled eggs, they are like multi vitamins if you think of what gets created from an organic chicken egg! I had a euro salad which was really light and nutritious (get the recipe from our Healthy Recipe section)

Rest is really important; you should also cuddle up in bed with a cosy hot water bottle, dress warmly and get some much needed sleep as this will help fight the infection. Your body is under stress, working really hard to rid the body of the bugs, so camomile or liquorice teas are also good to calm the body and some calming music to relax your brain.

Keep well

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