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How to respond to negative thoughts

It hits us all; they say ‘empty nest syndrome’ happens when all ones children have left home. But when life was so full of fun over the holiday period, without a dull moment …or not… and suddenly all you’re left with are the bills, extra fat around your abdomen, and back to routine, yet hopefully good memories too!  

Yes, lots of thoughts start racing through your mind, why did I eat all that food?  What did I spend all that money for? Was it really all worth it or necessary?? And you may just feel like beating yourself – or someone else - and throwing the towel in. Hold on a moment, take a pause, and realise you are sabotaging yourself by allowing these types of thoughts to chatter in your mind, How can you stop these thoughts, and respond productively to challenges in life?

We are human and these are normal feelings to have when we have these thoughts. Awareness of the fact that you’re having negative thoughts is a great starting point. If you’re thinking this way you most probably need some self-compassion, allow these thoughts to pass by gradually changing your train of thoughts to something more neutral, and eventually positive. The way you respond to these thoughts is really vital as this will determine your outcome.

How do you respond to negative thoughts?

  • Realise that your thoughts are travelling in a negative direction and try to shift them to something neutral like repeating positive words in your mind such as; health, calm, success, or a positive song.
  • Meditation helps train us to be consciously aware of what is happening in our mind and body and should be done every morning; it’s worth getting up 15 minutes earlier to do it. The Insight Timer app is free and has a very good variety to suit your needs and circumstances.
  • If your worrying about certain things or feel overwhelmed, write those thoughts down, getting them off your chest, doing it in a positive way; first writing down about what you feel grateful for in your life such as healthy parents, a wonderful husband, amazing friends, or even gratitude to yourself for looking after yourself so well (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!) Then you write down your concerns etc. and from there you work out a plan – what you can do in your circumstances to relieve the challenges.

Being in a negative vibration causes the body to be under stress and promote nutrient depletion, the most common ones are calcium, magnesium, potassium, B vitamins, Vitamin C Vitamin E, zinc and selenium, so try not to waste your reserves and most importantly make sure to eat properly. Try this delicious Cheesy Aubergine and email me with any questions.

Look after yourself,



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