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Motivating yourself to the lifestyle of your choice!


I met a classmate of mine and stopped to catch up on news, she told me that she would love to do something more exciting with her life, then the usual but she is afraid of failing and can’t be bothered with the stress involved, in the same conversation she told me that her daughter was in a school play and whilst choosing to be in the act only received a very small part. My first thought after ending the discussion was wow, like mother like daughter, if a girl wants something she should get it, the question is; does she really want it?

Now I’ll let you in on this one; you can get it, if that’s the firm decision you’ve made then you’ll achieve whatever it is you really want. How can you really change the way you live, your lifestyle, habits, and even friends? Well you need motivation, that desire to do things for a specific end result, when it comes to health that would provide you with a long term end result which would help you attain far more, than when you choose a short term goal like losing a specific amount of weight before a holiday or wedding, because once that’s over you have lost the ambition to continue. When it’s a desire to feel  good in yourself be it full day energy or a great nightly sleep, this is forever and when you see the results you’ll want to stick to the change forever, which will motivate you to do more and choose more long term goals. But, it is painful to get started, I won’t deny it, although it’s always worth remembering the long term goals and here are some tips to get you started:

How to get motivated:

  • Commit yourself, make that firm decision that I’m starting today, and how many hours I need to spend on this task by the end of the week. Do something to drive yourself, like telling somebody what you’ll be doing today which will make you feel embarrassed if you don’t keep to your commitment, maybe your mother, spouse, or friend. I know somebody who pays £20 to his friend each time he arrives late for a commitment just because he found parting with a smaller amount of money didn’t motivate him to be on time. It may be difficult to start with but know that you’ll soon appreciate yourself for it.
  • Treat yourself, when you’ve achieved your mini goal, what treat’s do you like? Now, if your commitment is to do with food consumption… Don’t break it; give yourself other treats like a mini spa treatment or long bubble bath. Don’t go for junk food but do treat yourself with healthy treats try these Brownie Fudge Cupcakes and Chocolate Mango Chips You need to treat yourself as it works psychologically to ease your mind that you’re not bullying yourself but rather doing something for a treat, with time the achievements you see are enough that you don’t need to have these treats as a motivation but rather because you choose to!
  • Keep tabs of your achievements, if it’s weight loss keep a ledger with dates and waist measurements, if it’s raising energy levels, think of all the things which you have managed to do now that your energy levels are up! This will help you feel motivated when you can’t be bothered and just want to give up, and remember this saying: At first they will ask you why you‘re doing it, Later they will ask you how did you do it!!!


Have an ambitious week!


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