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Prepare to enjoy special occasions

My first niece just got married! And with it comes lots of emotions… yes, I’ve been upgraded, but it comes with many other thoughts and feelings. I would say it’s a very powerful milestone to pass, amazing and wonderful, and am delighted to be a part of this special occasion. But how do we contain our feelings and support ourselves to enjoy every precious moment of life to the fullest?

Life is full of challenges, but they are all stepping stones to reach for greener pasture, where we look back and truly feel proud and accomplished of ourselves. Every family occasion comes with thoughts of past family members, who are no longer with us, a sign of advancing age, sweet memories of one’s childhood and difficult memories too. Sometimes we don’t think, we just block it off and yet those feelings are there, but we don’t know why we have negative feelings, be it anxiety, sadness, stress of meeting family members, peer pressure, and so on. Although we definitely have positive feelings of joy, happiness, excitement, and content waiting with anticipation for the occasion to arrive, knowing that the next generation is moving on!

How do you support yourself to enjoy special occasions?

  • A few weeks before the occasion, get yourself an A5 lined book and write about the occasion in detail, what it’s going to be, how you need to prepare yourself physically, write about the parts that your looking forward to, what you’re most excited for, and then what your concerns are, what you’re really not looking forward to, your fears, worst case scenarios, thoughts, and feelings. Write down if there is any way you can prepare yourself not to have these problems, and put yourself at ease when you can’t change the situation.
  • Make sure you’re sleeping well, so you feel stronger and can focus on the positive aspects of the occasion, rather than be stuck with negative thoughts. Black tea is high in L-theanine with its ability to increase relaxation and lower stress, it can help with sleep in a number of ways. L-theanine may help people fall asleep more quickly and easily at bedtime, thanks to the relaxation boost it delivers. Research also shows L-theanine can improve the quality of sleep—not by acting as a sedative, but by lowering anxiety, calming the brain, and promoting relaxation. Supplementing with tryptophan-rich foods, which being an amino acid will be found in protein rich food like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and chickpeas and helps bring on natural calming effects, induces sleep, and fights anxiety. Try this Beefy Bolognese I think I worked out the recipe our Hungarian cook used for school dinners, yum!
  • Do things that you find calming daily, in preparation for the event, such as reading a book, going to a spa, and doing some meditation, especially before you write so your mind is relaxed and you can think things through properly if need be.

Enjoying special occasion is about making happy memories for the future, for yourself and the people around you! If you have any questions please email

Enjoy life!



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