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Vital Kids Berry Flavoured Powder

Vital Kids Berry Flavoured Powder

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Vital Kids is an all-in-one daily multi nutrient supplement containing 56 Vital ingredients to provide nutritional support, even during those crucial growth spurts.


Organic spirulina (435mg),
organic apple powder (235mg),
organic wheatgrass powder (140mg), 
organic barley leaf powder (130mg), 
organic broccoli powder (210mg), 
bilberry fresh fruit extract (87mg), 
red beet powder (175mg),
carrot root powder (175mg), 
spinach leaf powder (65mg), 
kelp whole plant powder (3.4mg), 
citrus bioflavonoid extract (40mg), 
potassium (45mg), 
magnesium (40mg),
calcium (130mg), 
pro-vItamin A (beta-carotene) (1mg),
manganese (750µg), 
chromium (10µg), 
copper (175µg), 
iron (5mg), 
lactobacillus acidophilus (1.5billion), 
bifidobacterium bifidum (1.5billion), 
pineapple fruit juice extract (100mg), 
rice bran powder (87mg), 
aloe vera gel extract (22mg), 
carica papaya powder (110mg), 
globe artichoke extract (109mg), 
inulin (FOS probiotics) (182mg), 
ginger rhizome powder (30mg), 
beta glucans (25mg), 
silica (6.9mg), 
selenium (15µg), 
wolfberry (goji) fruit extract (15mg), 
zinc (6mg), 
acerola fruit extract (116mg), 
rosehip fruit extract (72mg), 
citric acid (65mg), 
grapeseed extract (28mg), 
cocoa bean polyphenol extract (30mg),
vitamin C (100mg), 
brahmi extract (100mg), 
lecithin (110mg), 
vitamin D2 (10µg), 
vitamin B1 (2mg), 
vitamin B2 (2mg), 
vitamin B3 (9mg), 
vitamin B5 (3mg), 
vitamin B6 (1.6mg), 
vitamin B7 (100µg), 
vitamin B9 (100µg), 
vitamin B12 (5µg), 
vitamin E (31mg),
organic flaxseed powder (220mg), 
100% Vital pea protein isolate (475mg). 
All natural base – natural mixed berry, organic thaumatin (natural sweetener)


Children 5-12 years: One heaped teaspoon (5g) in water, non-acidic juice or milk

Children younger than 5 may take a reduced dose of Vital Kids but only with the support of a health care practitioner.

Teens over 12 years of age could take Vital Kids but you may consider increasing the dose.

Great in smoothies, mixed in yoghurt, or sprinkled on cereal!

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