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About Us

I am an orthodox Jewish woman, married to my husband Joel for over sixteen years now. We both grew up in large families, and we have five beautiful children, living in the Stamford Hill area of Hackney, London, UK. (I have chosen not to put a picture of myself on my website for modesty reasons.)

When my children were babies, having them in quick succession meant being very organised and in control of running my home. But exhaustion from disturbed nights and feeling overwhelmed from crying babies etc. didn’t help much. A friend of mine advised me at the time to take an omega3 supplement, which worked wonders to support me in feeling contained and regaining my sense of control. I then learnt a new way of supporting myself to a better life.

The more I tried other supplements for different symptoms in my home the more intrigued I became by the amazing gift of food supplements and how they support our health and wellbeing, and desperately wanted to help others enjoy this privilege too.

I studied nutritional therapy and opened my own practise and little shop, where I only sell products I would use for myself.  I have now expanded to serve the online consumer, with these great products. I feel honoured to support you in your quest for a healthy and energetic life.  

Mrs Rachel Goldstein